Saturday, March 12, 2011

Discovering Self

I, like too many other women, have spent so much time worrying about what other people think of me.  I have been afraid to say what I think and express what I feel for fear that it would not be accepted or that I might offend someone.  Everyone wants to be liked but does it really matter?  If everyone likes you but you are not true to yourself, what does it really mean? I have decided to disover me... what I like; what I am about and what I stand for so that when I go out into the world, I can confidently represent me.  Look out world!

Who Am I

Who am I and where do I belong
Seems like I've been trying to answer
this question for so long

A lifetime ago, I was enrolled in a school of cosmetology
because I thought a hair stylist
was what I wanted to be

Then I tried college because it was expected
but it did not take long for me to feel
out of place and rejected

I almost quit when I
became a young parent
but when I thought of the future,
I decided against it

I graduated and began my career in social services
because I figured helping others would give my life worth

Years later I found myself burned out and frustrated
so I figured life and love were both overrated

I willed myself to start a new relationship
despite the bitterness that my heart was equipped with

To my surprise, I found love again
A minor miracle 'cause I thought I'd never
love another man

With work, parenting, and marriage
I got more stressed
and reached an all time high
of size 18 dress

Who am I and where do I belong?
Seems like I've been trying to answer this question for so long

My favorite author wrote:
'If you don't like the path you're on, make a new one'
so with that my pursuit of poetry begun

Now I am married, a parent, a poet
with two degrees and I still don't know
who I am supposed to be
(c) 2010

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